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Want a Speaker at Your Next Event?

Email:      Mervyn

Phone:     +44 (0) 7739177678

Twitter:    @mervynmurray

Youtube:  Mervyn Murray

My experiences as a Leadership Development Specialist gives me unique insights into how people are managed and how companies operate. I know what works, what people think works, but doesn't!

I have been key note speaking around the world for over 6 years on a range of topics, usually tailored to the specific requirements of the event.

Fun & Engaging

The way people learn best is when information is presented in a fun and engaging way.

I don't take myself too seriously and my subjects are treated with the irreverence they deserve!

Everything I do is covered by my No Quibble, Don't Pay Me Guarantee

If You Are Not Satisfied, Don't Pay Us

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